Sunday, November 18, 2007

What is this blog about?

I've always wanted to write a "proper" game, but just haven't got the motivation or the technical expertises to do so. However, as I'm quite near the end of my higher education, I think it's time that I started earning some "street credit" in the field of animation and gaming -- the field that I hope to make a career out of.

So, here I am, trying to write a game, but where do I start? I've read quite a few Internet articles that advise amateur game developer, and I understand that it's good idea to take a rather conservative approach to my first game. After all, I'm working by myself and I still have lots of "proper" research to do and cannot spend all my time on a game that probably won't work out at all.

The first thing to decide about writing a game is what game to write. I'm a big fan of fighting games, FPS and RPG games, and I'm a sucker for games with good story lines. I'm also quite a dreamer and I reckon I'd be pretty good at making up fantasy stories. However, I've seen enough documentaries about the development of successful games to know that any FPS/RPG game that has a reasonable storyline would be beyond my resources -- I simply don't have the time and expertises to create the artwork or the code. Therefore, I've decided to write a simple game.

This simple game I'm going to write is based on a Monopoly game that I used to play in high school. This game was developed by a famous Taiwanese game company called Softstar, and the "real game" is called "Rich online". I actually haven't got the latest version of this game, but I do have its 4th version which was released at least 8 years ago and this version just happens to be my favorite. Here are a couple of screenshots of this game:

Most non-Chinese-speaking gamers probably have never heard of Softstar, which is a very successful games company in the greater China region. Its "Rich" Monopoly series is a classic in my opinion and had provided lots of fun for my friends and myself in high school. So, I'd consider my rewrite of this game a tribute to my Softstar and my early gaming history.

Here is a bit of a background information on my technical prowess: I have a undergrad degree in software engineering; I understand the basics of computer graphics technology -- I was a tutor for the graphics subject in my university for 3 years; Python is my favorite programming language and I'm alright with C/C++/Java; I'm a beginner for Blender -- the most popular free 3D modeling and animation program, but I am NOT an artist; and finally, I'm a Linux user.

I will be using this blog to record the process and hurdles that I come across in writing my little game, and I hope the information I provided on this blog could be useful to other aspiring amateur game developers. Please feel free to give me suggestions or ask me questions through the commenting facilities of this blog.

Stay tuned!

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