Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Getting help

Well, things have been going ok so far, but I just had a look at CS's APIs and user's manual. They were both useful but also full of holes. Quite a few sections of the user's manual are empty, and the APIs contains a rather large amount of information and it's rather difficult to look for things there.

So, I just did exactly what everybody else would do -- I registered an account on CS' users' forum and subscribed to their mailing list.

The users' forum actually seemed rather empty. I was like the 850th something member, and there didn't seem to be that many posts, I didn't even see any Python related posts ... damn! On the other hand, I also checked out Ogre's users' forum and it was much much much bigger and more active, and there was even a subforum on python-ogre!! I remember reading an article that compared CS with Ogre, and one of the findings was that the CS' users' forum was far less active than Ogre's. Oh well, my observation is a confirmation of that. On the other hand, I also read somewhere that CS' mailing list was a lot more active than Ogre's ... so perhaps all is not yet lost.

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