Monday, November 19, 2007

First mileston: getting crystal space installed on my linux box

It's been said that it's very important for amateur game developers to have short and achievable milestones and actually achieve them. So, here is my first milestone: getting crystal space, the game engine of my choice, installed on my linux box.

Since I'm running ubuntu, the logical first choice is to check whether there is already a pre-built package in the repository. A quick check using apt showed that there was indeed one. However, after getting this one installed, I couldn't find any python bindings! A further apt-cache search revealed that there was no debian packages for CS's python bindings ... um.

Well, there is no point in using the pre-compiled version of CS if it doesn't come with python binding, so I uninstalled it and downloaded the CS 1.2 source code.

After screwing around for about 4 hours, I managed to download and install most of the plugins needed by CS, as well as CS itself. I quickly checked some of the demo programs ... they all worked!

The first milestone had been achieved!

Well ... not so fast. It turned out that there were actually 2, i.e. there were 2 python interface files for the CS library! WTH? Which one do I use? There is no documentation to explain this rather strange phenomenon. Um ... I guess I should ask someone I know, but meanwhile, I just have to use the bigger and more recent one then.

Stay tuned!

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